Is it possible?

I really resonated with this blog. It does work when you let go of the fear and surrender to a higher source. Let life lead you, be thankful for what you already have, and experience, enjoying every moment!


Is it possible to be joyful consistently, no matter what happens? I have seen people being miserable and stressed for extended periods of time. I’ve done it too, I have maintained a bad mood for months and even a full year with just bouts of joyful moments here and there. You can call it a rut, gaining weight, breaking out, sleeping less, working more and just being miserable trying to peruse one thing or the other. Is it possible to really do the things that bring you joy everyday, have energy and actually enjoy being full of energy.

Is it possible to maintain a happy joyful mood for days? I think it is but it’s been a while since I have been neutral or just maintained some peace for months on end. I am working on it diligently now. I think we have all noticed that beautiful things happen while…

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