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Fear Attracts More To Be Fearful Of

What are you afraid of?

How many years have you struggled with fear, self doubt, obeying the system, being attacked from all sides? Finances, career, relationships?

Surrendering and letting go of the fear, the persistence, burning yourself out – to simply trusting and allowing, that whatever created us, does have our back and will provide for us – does work!!


WHOAAA, scary stuff! It means stepping out of your comfort zone, eliminating old patterns and an outdated belief system, which you were programmed with, (it wasn’t all your fault). It’s challenging, adventurous, and so very empowering……. it also brings you peace!

I double dare you to let go of that, which is no longer making you happy or serving your highest good!

When I look back at the stress and fear I have put myself through, believing I was doing ‘the right thing‘, I could have just let it go! It took me many years, with nothing more to lose, to take this leap of faith and put my trust into something that I couldn’t physically see, touch, hear, smell, taste.

The instant I made this decision to fully trust and allow, the most incredible events began to happen. Financial abundance came in from areas I never expected, I effortlessly won trips all over the world, with a company I was promoting and travelled to places I never thought I would visit. I continue to go with the flow and let life lead me, but it must give me joy. Joy is my discernment gauge, anything less I question. Everything I need is provided for me in some form or fashion. More than often, better than expected.

I feel I was being prepared for what is happening in the world today, ready to help others deal with similar life challenges. With the whole globe in fear and uncertainty, I’ve sailed through 2020 to this present day, with a chilled, carefree relaxed attitude. I even attracted a great group of likeminded people into my life, together, rebelling against all restrictions, having a great time!

Early morning, we would meet up, shoes off, to ground ourselves, (grounding is great for inflammation and releasing stagnant energy), a few warm up stretching exercises, sprinting, ending with a boogie, showing passers-by we have no fear and neither do we care about the Bogey V!

Barefoot Reggae

Twelve of us invaded a restaurant, each and everyone of us exempt from the mask wearing, and not explaining ourselves or showing justification either. Hugging as we greeted each other. The manager almost had a heart attack, (we gave him a big tip). Other diners watched, some giggling, they knew it was all ridiculous. Anyone so frightened of the Bogey V, wouldn’t have been in a restaurant.

We had parties at each other’s houses, sneaking home in the early hours. One of our friends, a professional singer, brought her mic and speaker. Belting out, “Young Hearts, Run Free” and many more 70s/80s/90s dance hits. No complaints from neighbours.

We would go cycling, even my 80 year old mum got on a bike, the first time since she was fourteen. After, we would all pile into another friend’s house for a game of table tennis.

Never once did we attract anything negative to stop us having fun. We weren’t put on this earth to suffer! When you live at a frequency of joy, love and laughter you attract more joy, love and laughter into your life. And the Bogey V can’t touch you!

It serves no purpose to carry remorse or regret, life lessons need to be learnt and some of us need a slap in the face, because we keep doing, what we believe to be ‘the right thing‘. Waking up, to no longer tolerating being manipulated or taken advantage of, it all happens in divine timing.

It’s a choice, just a choice to stop giving your power away to fear, and control from those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Forget all the expensive life changing courses – no matter what your circumstances, just make a choice to be happy and never look back. If anyone around you doesn’t like this positive change in you, then you don’t need them in your life, let them go too. The universe abhors a vacuum, that space will be filled with something/someone better, matching your new frequency.


NHS – Natural Health Service – is it on the way?

Early 2000, I held a clairvoyant/medium event for my friends. The lady reader gave some accurate information for my guests. It was only polite of me to be the last of 10 to have my reading.

She picked up on my holistic business, which was struggling back then, as not many people were open and educated to alternative health, preferring to spend a few pounds on prescription drugs, giving instant pain relief, not addressing the root cause of their ailment.

All those years ago, she told me never to give up on my healing gifts and techniques as one day in the not too distant future, the NHS would collapse and we healers and Light Workers, would be in demand, as humanity would turn to natural forms of healing.

Energy Healing

Is this happening now????? Will we have a Natural Health Service?

I’ve had my dealings with breast cancer and watching my Dad and others suffer previously from the conventional treatment, I knew I would heal myself if ever I was diagnosed.

In 2010, I was diagnosed and accepted radiotherapy, believing it was the lesser of the 2 evils, now realising, radiotherapy is permanent damage, where as chemotherapy can be flushed out. Both cause secondary cancers, patients becoming stuck in the vicious cycle, believing they have no other choice, a 4% chance of surviving this barbaric treatment, which we so readily accept.

Have you ever considered that 1:3 people are now diagnosed with cancer, I remember it being 1/8 and yet technology has advanced so much, still no cure for cancer?? £Billions of our money donated, from grief and desperation, for cancer research, still no cure??? Have you noticed a pattern? Once in this cycle of treatment, very few people survive longer than 12 years, more tumours, more treatment until your body is so sick and frail. Time to wake up people!!

Truth and evidence exposed by brave doctors and scientists, has been censored on big tech platforms, many have risked their lives and reputation speaking out. Thousands diagnosed, have healed themselves by changing their diet, lifestyle, removing stress from their lives, healing past traumas, shifting to the holistic energy healing techniques. But they’re not allowed to speak about it. Natural cures don’t make money and you can’t patent nature!

Thousands live good quality lives with ‘cancer’. Kris Carr, is looking amazing, embracing life in a magical way and still has stage 4 cancer, being diagnosed over a decade ago. She has cancer – it doesn’t have her!!

So what if most cancer diagnosis’ really aren’t that bad? I discovered a small lump in my left breast, could have just been a cyst, how was I to know? No different really than taking your car to a dodgy mechanic, you knowing nothing about mechanics. Maybe I pulled the short straw. I wasn’t suffering with any pain or discomfort, in fact I was feeling the best ever in my life. I trusted Oncology and their ‘expertise’, so I went along with the lumpectomy and 21 days of radiation, which did knock me out and I suffered horrific burns at the end of the treatment.

6 years later, again, feeling perfectly fine, living in France at this time, my routine mammogram was due, which I refused and demanded an MRI without the contrast dye. More information was leaking out through the internet, I had been doing a lot of research, it didn’t make sense to me that you would repeatedly put poison into your body and/or nuke it?

Back to the car example again, if you had a small piece of rust on your car you wouldn’t cover the whole vehicle with acid to treat it, would you??? The MRI dye put into your body is toxic, radioactive and contains a metal called gladolinium. Mammograms give off radiation and are not reliable, I actually proved this point.

3 large tumours showed up, lying deep in my left breast. My French doctor who performed the biopsy, was very open and told me they were a result from the radiotherapy I had in 2010 – see where this is going?? I was asked to have a mammogram to see if these tumours would show up and I agreed to this for the sake of other women. THE MAMMOGRAM DETECTED NOTHING!!

Now, when I look back, could I have lived with those tumours, were they just nuked cells from the burns? There was no sign of the cancer spreading. My oncologist was shocked when, I TOLD HIM, I would take 2 weeks to make a decision on a mastectomy, against his wish to operate immediately. Hmmmm why do they rush you? Those tumours could have been there 5 years at least, how would another 2 weeks make such a difference?

I did decide to go ahead with multiple surgeries, mastectomy, reduction on the other side and reconstruction using my own muscle and fat from my back, tummy and thighs. The reason being, I would be free of these tumours, so mentally that would help me heal faster on an emotional level, as I knew how to deal with the emotional side.

Many lessons have been learned through this personal journey, more information gained as time went by, knowing what I know now about the medical profession, I would not have gone along with the surgery.

The surgery has left me with smaller boobs, which I am happy about but I do have constant discomfort on my left side and because of the scar tissue I need regular massage to break down the lymphatic fluid build up.

Yoga has been a great help, I’m no expert, I just follow a sequence of stretches on a daily basis. Fresh fruit and veg, organic when possible, no wheat or dairy. Plenty of juicing and filtered water to keep my body alkaline and no stress – I totally surrendered stress and fear 3 years ago, it’s amazing and miraculous how life carries you through effortlessly. Along with lots of lovely meditation and getting out into nature.

The sad thing is, there are wonderful, amazing doctors and nurses out there who really care about humans. It isn’t their fault. The hierarchy of the medical profession know exactly what they have been doing, deceiving and betraying us all. We have been underestimated though!

I know we’re winning and reclaiming back our power on all levels. We will no longer depend and rely on these corrupt governments, medical and financial establishments. We’re waking up! New technology and natural cures, suppressed from us, will soon be released, until then stay as healthy as you can, listen to your body, tune in, it knows what you want and need. Life is going to be amazing!

Please reach out if you want any guidance, hypnotherapy is a great tool to get yourself into the right mindset. It’s important to let go of any negative, lower vibrational emotions. Reiki also helps to accelerate the healing process. Both these therapies can also be done online.


Where Are Our MEN?!!!

I’ve just seen in one of our UK telegram chat groups, that thousands of people over England Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the 4 Nations are signing up to be sworn in as the new Common Law Constabulary. Creating a lawful system that benefits us all under Common Law, Gods Law. We are taking back our country!! Real men standing up!

We the awaken people have had enough, and the longer the sleepers continue to wear masks and abide by these ridiculous ‘guidelines’, (that is all they are), for something that is less harmful than the common cold, (the ‘maxine’ being the real agenda to depopulate humanity), the longer and worse the situation will become, our human rights being stripped away from us.

I have been shocked to see so many men wearing masks, especially outside in the fresh air??? Whilst jogging and cycling. In the UK this hasn’t been asked of us but the fear that has been taken on board in people is shocking!

i know most don’t agree with it, they just want a hassle free, quiet life, well it will be freakin’ quiet when you’re in a FEMA camp, hooked up to 5Gee, brain cells frazzled and taken over by AI, no longer conscious as to what is going on – your soul snatched.

In my teens and early twenties, where I lived we had many gorgeous, muscly, strong armed men. Where are they now and their sons?

Introducing the TazMask

My children live in France and they experienced much tighter restrictions having to wear a masque outside. Curfews in place and carrying attestations on paper or phone stating what time they left their homes and why, they were limited to an hour, essential reasons only.

Rebellious like me, informed of the true agenda, they have continued living their lives as normal as possible, keeping their vibration high, not feeding into the drama, the fear and lies.

My son chose to make his own masque, from his girlfriend’s bra, it was probably more efficient than the paper, surgical ones. He will have no doubt enjoyed wearing it too. Like me they have laughed their way through this and taken the p***.

Unfortunately there are many who have suffered with mental health issues, depression and suicides, very young children too, these issues not mentioned on the main stream news.

Until you wake up – we will fight for you!

I like to wear this T Shirt when walking my dog. Recently divine timing brought the canal swing bridge down so a long queue of traffic formed, allowing me to double back and show off my chest text! I got a few smiles and thumbs up and a cheer from a lovely lady saying she supported me.

Many are in agreement and know this is the greatest hoax ever played on humanity. They just feel alone and scared to speak up. It is a lonely journey being labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, but I’m proud I did my bit for my children and future generations to come and I absolutely applaud and send love and protection out to those who are truly fighting for our freedom, such as Francis and the men and women signing up to form a new system that will benefit us all.


You Are Safe And Supported – Free Audio

Many people are suffering with anxiety and fear due to our present global circumstances. Much of this fear mongering and false narrative is coming from the mainstream media. Unless you do your research, the future looks very glum as governments constantly move the goalposts on travel and other restrictions, making our lives a misery – if you let them!

Do you know FEAR is an emotion specifically created to keep us under control – when you let go of fear, life becomes amazing and you stop attracting the bad stuff. I’ve had first hand experience of this and it works. We are magnets and we draw to us experiences to match our thoughts and feelings, so imagine what is happening if you’re in a state of fear most of the time?

Switch off the TV!!

Early 2020, I went to the top and started following everything I could that was being censored, it was fascinating, (ask yourself why, what do they not want us to know?) A trip to Mexico in February 2020, attending the Anarchapulco event, opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes. How the world’s corruption is mainly lead and organised by world leaders we trusted. I also learned of the coming agenda as the Planned Emic took hold throughout the world.

If you’re frightened about the future, do some digging. A great place to start is this 10 part series, to which there is now a sequel, by Janet Ossebaard. Eye opening and reassuring, if you follow through to the end. We are living in incredible times!

Here is a short hypnotic audio to calm your nerves and help you trust that all is well.

You Are Safe And Supported
http://Chris Collins, https://indiemusicbox.com“

Please contact me through the contact form if you have trouble downloading this mp3.

Sessions addressing fear and anxiety are on a donation basis. Know there are many of us healers, lightworkers, out there to assist you right now.

Strange Encounters

Strange Encounters

From being a child, right through to my early thirties, I experienced some scary stuff. Paranormal stuff, that you couldn’t really talk about to anyone. I grew up in a loving, stable family environment, so nothing untoward there to influence my psych as such, yet I was definitely being psychically attacked.

From the age of 2, a big black dog under my bed would have me screaming for my Mummy and Daddy, frightening the hell out of me. As I got older into my teens I would feel a force, like a hurricane type wind coming, I would feel my hair blow and stand on end and I would levitate, (whether I physically did or not, I don’t know), above my bed, absolutely terrifying. This often happened when I was stressed over something. Drawing in my minds eye the Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei and repeating the Lords Prayer, finally stopped this happening, when I learnt to control it from a subconscious state. A story for another time.

When I learnt Reiki in my middle thirties, past life memories started to surface, I would have memory recall flashes whilst doing self healing and very vivid ‘dreams’, I’m not quite sure what to call them as I would be conscious of being very awake, yet not in my body.

My journey into past lives, started just after attaining my Reiki II Practitioner level. One morning I awoke to find I wasn’t in my bed. I was in a forest and desperately dragging the torso of a young blonde girl to safety, her arms and legs dismembered. There was a light covering of snow on the ground and I seemed to be in a sort of ditch, where a stream would have run but there was no water. Behind me was an entrance to a tunnel or large pipe, to which I dragged her to, for shelter. The moment I became consciously aware of what was going on from my human perspective, I was back in my bed.

It was such a clear, ‘real’ experience, I wondered if I’d had a premonition of a young girl being abducted/kidnapped. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Whilst at work I called my Mum in the UK, I was living in France at the time, and asked her if anything had been on the news, she said not. I then spoke to a friend who had done the Reiki training with me and she suggested it could have been me and to speak to our Reiki Masters/Teachers. We had 2, a French lady and an English lady who worked together travelling the world, teaching Reiki. The French lady intuitively felt, I had experienced a past life and to have some regression therapy to dig deeper into what it was about and why it had surfaced.

What came from that session was not at all what I expected but made total sense. It was quite shocking and traumatic, and seemed to be the most recent past life I had encountered. It had been me who had been murdered and my spirit self was still trying to save and protect my physical self. There was a lot more detail which I have put together in a book, when I finally get round to finishing it, as what unravelled in my life moving forward all started to make sense as the dots joined together.

I was fascinated with the past life theory and further past life regressions, through hypnotherapy, did help make sense to why I was having these experiences. Today, learning that we have all been living under satanic control, psychopathic world leaders and more, feeding off our fear for thousands of years, these past life encounters make more sense now than ever.

I believe I have chosen to be here, as a human being, at this time, to finally see justice for all the wrong doings and persecution against the human race, especially our children throughout centuries gone by. The wheel of karma is coming to a halt, a great reset is happening, not just on a monetary basis but for humankind itself and planet Earth. (Not the bad version of the reset, we escaped that by the skin of our teeth).

Some may think I’m absolutely crazy writing this but more people are now speaking out about these strange encounters and feeling psychically attacked and held back through life.

An illusion – Forgetting Everything is All Right

The illusion of fear is evaporating as many of us, raise our energetic frequency and return back to the safety, trust and love of the Christ/God consciousness, which was slowly and surely being stripped away from us.

It’s very important to understand and put into practice; anything fear based is false, it’s not real and only serves to attract more fearful events in our lives. I know because I was a very fearful person for years. My life has changed considerably for the better, whenever I have to make a decision, asking myself, “Does this raise my vibration or lower it? Especially with what is going on around us today.

If you have experienced strange paranormal encounters, feel free to let me know. It is time to voice them, we are starting to wake up to the incredible power and love we possess and to remember that we are sovereign and safe, living, breathing, beautiful souls.

Love Conquers All