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Messages From The Universe

You can have anything that you desire

This might be a bit cheesy, (the 80’s video is definitely grate cheese, ha), but I felt I had to share this as it might mean something to someone else. The person who came to mind, in my reading, relating to this video, may see this.

These last few months with all the heightened planetary energies, and the rising of human consciousness, my psychic abilities have been off the scale. Experiencing so many vivid dreams, visions, and receiving messages and signs, through songs, birds, cloud formation, car registration plates, and telepathy……. I’ve had to commit myself to journaling.

For over a week, I have woke up to this old song from my twenties in my head, mentally singing the first lines of the chorus over and over again, intermittently throughout the day. When this sort of thing happens, I search on YouTube and find the lyrics to understand what the message is conveying. This is how spirit, the universe communicates with us. The more we take note and trust these messages, the more spirit communicates with us.

Recently, I have been eager for more psychic activity. It fascinates me and I thrive on it, asking to be shown what it is I need to focus on next. I love reading the tarot cards but haven’t felt quite confident enough to really go for it, at the same time knowing I need the practice to get back into it again.

Finally, I searched for this song, “You Can Do Magic” by America, I remember it being in the charts all those years ago, but didn’t pay too much attention to it at the time. Singing along to this video, the words naturally coming to me, I instantly understood the message I was receiving.

You can do magic, you can have anything that you desire!

Watching the band play, paying attention to the lyrics, I gasped with surprise, as a deck of playing cards were shown being cut and spread. I instantly knew it was a sign to believe in myself, get out of my own way, take imperfect action – JUST DO IT!!!.

As the video came to a close, a few cards were spread, so I took a screenshot, and pulled my tarot deck, matching the playing cards, to see if there was a more in-depth message. Yes, a message there for me too; Someone from my past wanting to reach out to me but not sure how to approach me, concerned I might not be too happy to receive news from this person, overthinking the situation.

Well if that person reads this blog, know I would love to hear from you, without judgment, We are all clearing old habits, patterns and many of us are going through the dark night of the soul, being forced to wake up to our truth and enlightenment.

You know who you are!

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Set Yourself Free From Karmic Ties! (free audio)

Planet Earth is going through some major shifts affecting the evolution of every human. As many of us awaken to new truths and are casting off the old self and the lies that humanity has been told, we may find that we no longer resonate with life long friends and even family members who remain in the fear and drama based, materialistic, third dimensional world, that we are choosing to leave behind.  You are ascending, your soul yearning for peace, love, true bliss and happiness, no longer chasing the stressful material world.

As we ascend to a higher frequency it becomes more difficult to be in the company and converse with people who choose to stay stuck in the fear and drama based programming.  This is their journey. We can let go lovingly and on an energetic level. Understand it is ok to set healthy boundaries around these people, especially if they lower our vibration.

Do you feel uplifted or drained in their company?

Everyone who comes into our life is a soul connection, teaching us, and we teaching them a valuable growth lesson.  Some we hang onto energetically longer than we should and this can keep us stuck repeating karmic cycles.  

This meditation with the assistance of Archangel Michael and his sword of blue light will cut the karmic, energetic cords attaching you to relationships that no longer serve your highest good.

Release From Karmic Cords
http://Chris Collins, https://indiemusicbox.com

Cutting karmic cords with Archangel Michael is a loving way of setting yourself free from people you are energetically and karmically connected to in this life and from many past lives. 

In most cases it creates a healthier relationship with that person and at a subconscious level can heal them too. Many will be intrigued with your shift in consciousness and be inspired and hopefully follow you or step back from your life.

As we work through the chakras, in the meditation, we release and dissolve any vows and contracts we have made with other souls; eg; vows of poverty, silence, marriage, enabling us to step into our power, feel safe being our authentic selves and open our hearts to being vulnerable without fear.

If there is a specific person you wish to energetically disconnect from, just visualise, sense or feel, (which ever sense is the strongest for you), the karmic cords/ties between you. Notice where they are on the body and mentally ask Archangel Michael to cut them.

Jetson White, The Universal Down Game/ Upside Down Game


Reiki Hugs – Do You Need One?

How are you feeling?  The world is becoming very crazy right now, as humanity is forced into questioning the false narrative being played out through the mind programming machine. We are experiencing a great shift in consciousness, the most historical event the planet has ever known.  Yet many are still unaware. Nothing like this has happened since, Atlantis and Lemurian times.

As Mother Earth shifts into 5D, we also have to raise our energetic frequency, returning to our true essence and to rise above the ‘establishment’, (the banking families and their puppet masters), controlling us.  They are doing everything they can to keep us stuck in fear, which is why we are seeing so much chaos and nothing making sense, but they are failing miserably. You won’t realise this if you are still watching main stream news.

Covid has been a course of action since WW2, to accelerate the global reset, the perfect excuse to establish the NWO.  But that isn’t happening, we had a lucky escape.  This virus gave humanity the opportunity to see how corrupt the world leaders were. We are heading for the most incredible times and we chose to be alive on this planet, to witness this massive historical event. Everything is as it should be……even if you are struggling emotionally, mentally and financially, so lets get back to how you are feeling? 

Confused, frustrated, scared, anxious, so many different emotional, mental, spiritual variants are playing out in peoples lives.  Many of you are suffering from physical ascension symptoms too, as we let go of the old trauma, imprinted in our DNA, from this life and past lifetimes. We are doing quantum leaps in consciousness, then our body has to physically catch up. So you may also be experiencing the following:

Physical aches and pains, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, or hyper activity, headaches, itchy blurry eyes, fear, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, irrational mood swings. Senses heightened, telepathy kicking in, increase in psychic awareness.

Working as a holistic therapist, my clients can’t wear a mask during their treatments, they need to breathe deeply and relax into a meditative state to heal.  Emotions can surface and sometimes they need to cry and express themselves feeling safe to do so.

More than ever, people need what I have to offer, so I’m not holding back anymore, the government is lying to us and MSM is just spewing out fearful propaganda.  Have you ever visited the gov.uk site? It’s there for all to see, for those who can be bothered to research.  

Since March 2020, still not classed as a high consequence infectious disease

So how long are we going to put up with these non sensical, ridiculous guidelines, that are not laws and they can not take away your God given right to freedom and to breathe.

If you need to talk, I do zoom video calls, online coffee and a chat, distant healing and hypnotherapy.  If you’re more daring and have had enough of this tyranny, wanting hands on healing, I will do home visits or you can come to mine and I will also give you a Reiki hug.

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