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Weekly Tarot Reading For The Collective 23 – 30 January 2022

If you own crystals they could be screaming out to you right now to be cleansed and recharged. In the coming days, you may be called to use them for self-healing and the healing of others. Distant Healing may be necessary for friends and family members.

The power of crystals has been greatly underestimated yet used in technology along with physical silver. The energy of the ‘Crystals’ card is showing me that so much we believed to be a myth is going to be exposed. The Elementals, unicorns, magical beings actually exist in other realms on our planet.

We are being told to trust the process and go with the flow of what is to be revealed. Hold no fear, there will be a transition we will have to experience and adjust to.   Something coming to light through the crystal energy could shock many but will be wonderful at the same time. Truths to be revealed, yet not to panic. We are absolutely safe. 

You may be concerned about bank accounts as we transition into a new monetary system but all is well, in fact, there will be more abundance for everyone on the planet bringing more prosperity to the world not just monetary but in all aspects of our lives, things are about to change massively and for the better.

Trust what’s coming and go with the flow, don’t try to resist anything, understand there’s going to be a massive flow of prosperity.   We are moving away from stressful times possibly having one more obstacle to get over but we’re not giving up. We’re almost there! We will be rewarded. 

Similar to last weeks’ reading, I feel someone of a very strong spiritual connection, humble and kind, who loves humanity, will bring in some news, a great reveal of truth, this person operates with the highest integrity.

An energetic shift occurs to open up our heart chakras,  enabling us to trust and love one another unconditionally, without judgment and division. opening to receiving love,

On an Individual-level, someone who has a lot of love for you could be leaving a toxic situation and heading straight towards you.  This person has never given up on you.  They could feel concerned that you may have your guard up.  You have changed, matured, and will only want the truth.

Queen of Swords

You’ve persevered through some challenges and hardships yourself and have overcome many obstacles. This soulmate connection could be formed or rekindled.  Moving forward, this relationship will be based on truth, integrity, and openness.  Someone you have been intuitively expecting to show up, could very well contact you and arrange a meet up/date.

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Love, light, and blessings

Karen Lesley

Disclaimer: Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes only and should be used as a guidance tool to get more spiritual insight into the situation. It should NOT be used in place of professional, medical, business, or legal advice. MindMastery 2020 and myself Karen Lesley Rowe, is not responsible for your actions and behaviours.

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I’m On The Horse Paste And Feeling Amazing!

What an exciting life we are living right now! When you drop the fear veil, everything becomes so clear and life runs smoothly. You can either get caught up with and sucked into all the drama and plummet, mentally, physically, emotionally OR stop following the crowd and do the opposite.

As soon as the gyms opened up again, I found one within walking distance to where I live. Over these last few months, my body has completely changed and is so much stronger. Building muscle and breaking down scar tissue from previous multiple surgical interventions. My core is really strong again and I have my peachy bum back.

I have not complied with any of the rules and I have not been ill for 2 years. I discovered that all viruses are manufactured and parasitic. Left in the body, untreated, they become the main causes of inflammation, bizarre autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other diseases that seem to be on the increase right now.

I researched Ivermectin, the deworming medication for animals, specifically horses. This and hydroxy chloride have been extremely effective for beating the recent virus and its new variants that are constantly being fabricated.

A few weeks ago, I received the apple-flavored paste, more like a gel, administered by a syringe for an animal of up to 600Kg It did look a bit scary, (I’m not a doctor, thank goodness, and I’m not passing on medical advice – do your own research). For my size and weight, (69 Kg 1.63 m), a blob the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil was sufficient and safe. A click on the syringe put out a 100 Kg dosage, so I used a small glass container with a lid to store it in.

The first 2 days, I put the blob in my naval, morning and afternoon, (we have lots of nerve endings behind our belly button and as we know, was our feeding connection to our mothers. Now, I apply a blob on the back of my tongue and down it with a pint glass of cooled boiled water with lemon, first thing in the morning at least an hour before breakfast.

The first 2 days I did feel like strange things were happening in my body and I noticed having more hot flashes throughout the day. I had one very sleepless night when I felt agitated and couldn’t settle. These were mentioned as symptoms of parasites dying off and the body healing. My energy levels have increased, brain fog has disappeared, even my eyesight is improving and I feel really happy, on a natural high!

Here is a testimonial from a top researcher, I follow on Telegram. The telegram app isn’t censored so all the ‘truthers’ are on there.

To Treat all Sickness

Ivermectin Horse Paste 1.87%
*All Ivermectin brands of horse pastes are safe EXCEPT one containing Glycol.
*Equimax is the brand I use.
Start out with ( 1 blob) twice a day. You can take a larger dose if you are a larger person. We can’t overdose, but it can make you have the following side effects (see below) Don’t worry if you do. The side effects are also known as herxing, (detox symptoms), and are due to the parasites dying. This will pass after a few days. Everyone is different and will have different experiences. Drink a lot of water and add lemon juice to it. Go slow on dosing if elderly or young children.
Continue taking it every day. I’ve taken it for almost five years and never miss a dose.

Can experience:

  • Aches and pains like flu symptoms
    ⁃ Sweating
    ⁃ Flashes in eyes.
  • Headaches
  • Skin having a burning feeling/rashes
  • Tips on getting it down because it tastes really bad. Put in food or add to your water/drink and drink it down.
  • Important to stay hydrated!!

Be wary of buying it from Amazon, find an online or offline animal feed business/company. Including postage, I only paid £10.

No one has ever been injured by Ivermectin. It won the Nobel Peace Prize. A gift from Mother Earth for all mammals to be clear of parasites.

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Weekly Tarot Reading For The Collective 15 – 22 January 2022

Kipper Deck by Ciro Marchetti

My question is, “What does the collective need to know for this coming week?”

My initial instinct when these cards popped out was, 3 prominent figures are going to let themselves be known very clearly. This will be an event that no one will have a choice but to hear and see. I only wanted 3 cards but the fourth card jumped out, therefore confirming to me, that the main lady is now older/more mature than when we last knew or saw this person. The ‘Official Person’ is someone of grandstanding, could be involved with the military, police, governmental services, and has great authority of some nature. What this person says goes and this person doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Light Seers Deck by Chris-Anne

Justice is coming, and I feel this is on a global scale!! I really didn’t expect this today, but I’m going with it. Someone is feeling left out, fed up of a situation, possibly feeling victimised. (A big divide has been created amongst friends and families). There is light shining on the door and a key to unlock this door enabling you to walk through. Are you hoping for a new chapter to begin?

We can choose to be the victim or the victor. Have we become disheartened as a collective, because of the global situation? Many, desperately waiting for good news to come, that could cause a shift in our reality. We could be ready to leave something behind, perhaps an old victim mentality, old lifetime patterns and behaviors, that no longer serve our highest good. Anticipating positive news of restrictions being lifted so we can get out/leave, have our freedom again to travel????!!!

And what a card to finish with, The World, a new cycle beginning! Life will never be the same again, we will never go back to that old way of being. Feeling grateful that we have come through an unimaginable experience. The world is our oyster, and justice has prevailed.

You could feel more connected spiritually, and for those already consciously connected, perhaps you are receiving downloads, light codes, sacred geometry, are you channeling light language?

There is no concept of time in the spirit world but I feel an announcement is going to be made, very soon, by someone who has a lot of authority and this person will be accompanied by a younger man and woman, who have a very important role to play in how we move forward. I feel the lady is now older than remembered.

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Disclaimer: Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes only and should be used as a guidance tool to get more spiritual insight into the situation. It should NOT be used in place of professional, medical, business, or legal advice. MindMastery 2020 and myself Karen Lesley Rowe, is not responsible for your actions and behaviours.


Creating Organites

Once upon a time, before marriage, kids, and building a business, I was very creative. I made my own clothes, soft furnishings. I knitted some amazing designer sweaters for people, I even knitted a ‘skinny ribbed’ dress for a yacht stewardess, she loved it and kept it for years. Sadly, life’s trials and tribulations take over, the absence of work/life balance, and our time is stolen.

I love working with crystals and have incorporated them with my healing techniques for many years. These last few months, I’ve really enjoyed making jewelry with healing crystals, featured in a previous blog.

I’ve now adventured into creating Orgonites. These are crystals, metals, (copper being a great conductor), set in resin. I also like to add dried flowers, moss, feathers, anything I find suitable on my walks. As the resin hardens it shrinks putting pressure on the contents empowering and releasing the energy. 

Placing Organites around your home help to convert negative energy, (especially EMFs created by wifi routers, electrical devices, mobile phones, meters), to positive energy. They can also be placed in water tanks/filters/jugs. So many amazing benefits, assisting in balancing and healing us. Enhancing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, whilst neutralizing and detoxifying our environment,

It is so relaxing creating these healing objects and very important that my environment and personal energy are balanced and positive during my creations. I smudge my work area with white sage, Reiki my environment, and the products I am using. Play some healing background music. Take 3 deep breaths, letting go of any outside negative influences, becoming present and open to allow my creativity to just flow and go with whatever comes to me. I absolutely love it!

Organites can come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular one is the Organite Pyramid. The pyramidal shape resonates with various energy fields. The very shape of the pyramid is an amplified receiver or resonator of electromagnetic waves, cosmic rays, electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc., surrounding our planet and which are in the air around and within the pyramid.

How Does Orgone Energy Work?

While Dr. Reich began studying these new particles of orgone energy, he conducted numerous experiments of introducing the cells of different diseases to orgone energy. One test result found that when cancer cells were put near Orgone, they died instantly. After conducting more research, Dr. Reich believed that because this ‘life energy’ was flowing through everything, then it obviously must flow through us. He concluded that most of our physical, mental, and emotional problems stem from when there are orgone energy blocks inside our body.

Orgone tower busters are more for outdoors. Many people have talked about the danger of living or working near cell phone towers due to electromagnetic pollution. Our bodies are like batteries, responding to electrical energies. The energy from cell towers is negative to our bodies. More information on this is at:

Making Orgone Tower Busters will be my next project. I would love them situated around my garden. They have a calming effect on the nervous system of animals, and plants thrive when in the vicinity of an Organite.

If you’re yearning to find that work/life balance or to re-connect to your creative side, reach out. I am now using the tarot cards as an additional coaching tool and it’s fascinating what can come to light. Click this link to arrange your free consultation.


OMG – Am I Ascending?

I’ve been quiet for a while. It’s been weird but wonderful. The energy of this recent solar eclipse has called many to go within. It feels like a filter action has been taking place, exposing what you no longer need in your life. People around me, who I thought had my back have shown their true colours and some relationships are healing because I stood in my power, and set healthy boundaries.

Sometimes your light shines too bright for certain people to handle.

I have recently had feelings and emotions, that made me feel uncomfortable, that wasn’t in alignment with how ‘my ego’ felt I was supposed to feel, towards people I loved. I felt these feelings were keeping me stuck, holding me back in the 3D world, which I want to escape from and ascend with thousands of others. I felt guilty and shameful that I no longer had tolerance for certain friends and their trivial mindsets, questioning why their actions were triggering me and desperately feeling a need to keep my distance from them.

If I’m ascending, surely I should feel sympathetic and have unconditional love for them, accepting them for who and how they are……. but this wasn’t happening!

Through meditation, I received the answers; I’m no longer on the same frequency as these people. They may proclaim to meditate and appear spiritual by posting positive quotes on social media but have they actually done the work on themselves? Do they practice what they preach? I would like to think I do and I do my utmost to be integral to my beliefs! Speaking my truth does often cause some friction and insecurities to surface for people who find this difficult to do themselves.

I have evolved and need more stimulation and spiritual guidance from higher frequency beings in human or spirit form.

In my last blog, I mentioned a song that was repetitively playing in my head for weeks, it stopped when I signed up for a Tarot course, something I’ve always wanted to do. This morning I woke up to another song in my head, and as soon as my wifi was active, (I turn it off every night, so it doesn’t interfere with my sleep, dreams, and astral travel), I looked the lyrics up on YouTube.

Instantly, I knew, it was a message from the Divine, God Source, my spirit guides communicating with me, affirming they have my back, I am protected and on track!

I have so much gratitude for the messages I constantly receive from my spirit guides, receiving answers to all my questions. It’s a beautiful thing when you know to go within and no longer search outside yourself!

1,000 years of peace is on its way!

The world is changing for the better at an accelerated speed right now. If you only watch the mainstream news, you’ll miss the magic and wake up when the show is over.