Karen L Rowe MHEB/NCTH/Dip.Hyp/AAMT Usui & Angelic Reiki Master


In the early 80’s, Karen and her husband, left the troubled UK, under Maggie Thatcher’s government, to start a new life in the South of France.  With her brother, already established in France, together, they set up a business working with the luxury yachting industry.  15 years later, divorce forced Karen to embrace a journey of deep soul searching.  Having experienced Reiki, initially to help with debilitating frequent migraines, Karen sought solace in her new found spiritual interests.

I was intrigued about how the mind worked, how much we under-estimate ourselves and the potential we have to overcoming problems, negative situations, limiting beliefs and shifting old behavioural patterns, all which block us from having good health, true happiness and feeling fulfilled.  Being introduced to clinical hypnotherapy opened up ‘Pandora’s Box’ and a whole new journey began for me.

Initially, accomplishing 2 intense, online study courses with distinction, Karen didn’t feel quite ready to practise. It had been all theory.  Karen wanted ‘hands on’ experience.

“When the student is ready, the master will appear”

Successfully completing the Foundation Course of a clinical hypnotherapy training course held at the city general hospital Karen was eager for more knowledge and signed up, committing to the full medical and therapeutic hypnosis training.

For 18 months the class of 15 students, spent full weekends, practising on one another.   Learning and releasing our own baggage in the process.  How we all blossomed and evolved.

In November 2019, the universe nudged Karen, to return to the UK.  Fortunately just before the crazy times of lockdowns and quarantine.

Hypnotherapy and coaching sessions work very well online and are easily accomplished through Zoom and Skype video calls. Thanks to this technology, Karen has been able to help numerous clients through the emotional difficulties and challenges caused by the global CV19 pandemic.

As the energy on the planet shifts and humanity awakens,  we will witness the rebirth of a Natural Health System coming into place as we gradually return to a whole-istic way of healing.  It might not be quite clear to most yet that we are letting go ‘en masse’ of the programmed fear based narrative of life, which has caused so much stress and dis-ease and now entering a brand new paradigm, which will enable us to become more creative and excel without limitations.  Are you ready for this incredible journey?