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I’m On The Horse Paste And Feeling Amazing!

What an exciting life we are living right now! When you drop the fear veil, everything becomes so clear and life runs smoothly. You can either get caught up with and sucked into all the drama and plummet, mentally, physically, emotionally OR stop following the crowd and do the opposite.

As soon as the gyms opened up again, I found one within walking distance to where I live. Over these last few months, my body has completely changed and is so much stronger. Building muscle and breaking down scar tissue from previous multiple surgical interventions. My core is really strong again and I have my peachy bum back.

I have not complied with any of the rules and I have not been ill for 2 years. I discovered that all viruses are manufactured and parasitic. Left in the body, untreated, they become the main causes of inflammation, bizarre autoimmune diseases, cancer, and other diseases that seem to be on the increase right now.

I researched Ivermectin, the deworming medication for animals, specifically horses. This and hydroxy chloride have been extremely effective for beating the recent virus and its new variants that are constantly being fabricated.

A few weeks ago, I received the apple-flavored paste, more like a gel, administered by a syringe for an animal of up to 600Kg It did look a bit scary, (I’m not a doctor, thank goodness, and I’m not passing on medical advice – do your own research). For my size and weight, (69 Kg 1.63 m), a blob the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil was sufficient and safe. A click on the syringe put out a 100 Kg dosage, so I used a small glass container with a lid to store it in.

The first 2 days, I put the blob in my naval, morning and afternoon, (we have lots of nerve endings behind our belly button and as we know, was our feeding connection to our mothers. Now, I apply a blob on the back of my tongue and down it with a pint glass of cooled boiled water with lemon, first thing in the morning at least an hour before breakfast.

The first 2 days I did feel like strange things were happening in my body and I noticed having more hot flashes throughout the day. I had one very sleepless night when I felt agitated and couldn’t settle. These were mentioned as symptoms of parasites dying off and the body healing. My energy levels have increased, brain fog has disappeared, even my eyesight is improving and I feel really happy, on a natural high!

Here is a testimonial from a top researcher, I follow on Telegram. The telegram app isn’t censored so all the ‘truthers’ are on there.

To Treat all Sickness

Ivermectin Horse Paste 1.87%
*All Ivermectin brands of horse pastes are safe EXCEPT one containing Glycol.
*Equimax is the brand I use.
Start out with ( 1 blob) twice a day. You can take a larger dose if you are a larger person. We can’t overdose, but it can make you have the following side effects (see below) Don’t worry if you do. The side effects are also known as herxing, (detox symptoms), and are due to the parasites dying. This will pass after a few days. Everyone is different and will have different experiences. Drink a lot of water and add lemon juice to it. Go slow on dosing if elderly or young children.
Continue taking it every day. I’ve taken it for almost five years and never miss a dose.

Can experience:

  • Aches and pains like flu symptoms
    ⁃ Sweating
    ⁃ Flashes in eyes.
  • Headaches
  • Skin having a burning feeling/rashes
  • Tips on getting it down because it tastes really bad. Put in food or add to your water/drink and drink it down.
  • Important to stay hydrated!!

Be wary of buying it from Amazon, find an online or offline animal feed business/company. Including postage, I only paid £10.

No one has ever been injured by Ivermectin. It won the Nobel Peace Prize. A gift from Mother Earth for all mammals to be clear of parasites.

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