Fitness Journey @ 60, healing

On A Mission – Fitness Journey @ 60

Golfe Juan S France

Since my early twenties I have intermittently weight trained, quickly re-gaining muscle definition if I’d had long breaks in between. After the initial diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in 2010, I started jogging. Living near the beach on the Côte d’Azur, every morning my little Westie, Portia and I would jog along the sea shore.

I then moved further inland and the jogging stopped, I was still walking twice a day with my dog, but working from home as a therapist and an online marketer – I was doing a lot of sitting!!

In 2016 I was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer, tumours caused by the radiotherapy treatment the first time round. I had multiple surgeries over a period of 18 months. In between the surgeries, as soon as I was able, I would work out on my rowing machine, and bounce on a rebounder to shift that lymph. Starting to feel strong again, then be in for another op.

When the surgeries came to an end I treated myself to a 3 weeks stay at a detox retreat in India. A 14 day juice fast, coffee enemas, morning and evening, (coffee pot left outside your door), yoga twice a day, swimming in the Indian Ocean when it was calm enough, and the most amazing daily relaxing and invigorating massages, using oils and spices.

I continue daily with the Hatha Yoga, for stretching but my muscle tone is disappearing fast. I don’t look too bad from the outside wearing clothes, but one weekend, recently, I was horrified to find a roll of loose skin appear from the lower part of my tummy which spread round to my hips. I could grab it and lift it, roll it and knead it, …….. “Where the hell has this come from?”.

So I’ve taken it as a sign to get a grip, before it’s too late and rebuild some muscle.

I’ve joined a local gym and signed up with a Personal Trainer so I will record here, how I get on.

My fitness journey @ 60 now begins and I’m very excited about it!

Catch up – 3 weeks on

What a difference 3 weeks have made physically and mentally. I’ve had 3 PT sessions with the lovely Lucy, weights have increased, (accidentally on the leg extension machine, forgot to check the mini weight adapter – but still achieved!) Couldn’t find the 3Kg dumbbells yesterday so used the 4kg.

The mini roll on my hips is reducing and my core, arms and legs are feeling much stronger. The pre-workout has changed from the treadmill to the cross-trainer to warm up my knee and shoulder joints.

A few years ago, I fell about 5ft, from the quay in Monaco Port onto the swim platform of a yacht, landing on my knees. Embarrassed, and so glad it wasn’t tourist season, I quickly brushed myself off, shaken not stirred, sat back in the car and did Reiki on myself. Need a little oil on them.

All good and feeling absolutely fabulous!

My 61st Birthday Today – I never go to the gym on a Sunday!

How did I celebrate? I went to the gym and pushed myself more, increased some weights and those I couldn’t, I did extra reps. I’m making great progress and feel amazing! I’m really enjoying it and feel like I did in my twenties. I did accidentally stand on my glasses and break them, maybe it’s a sign to exercise my eye muscles.

I have awesome friends!

New gym/workout leggings arrived today, I feel and look bloomin’ awesome in them!

Earlier in the week, I got up and as usual, walked my dog, came home, and eagerly put on my workout clothes and set off to the gym. It’s a 7 mins walk from my home. I couldn’t believe how quiet the roads were, it was like a ghost town.

Another great workout then headed for home. I usually get stopped for a cheeky chat by one of the road workers, extending the junction. I giggle to myself, as his coworkers warn him I’m crossing the road and he turns off the engine of his digger and jaunts over to the security fencing to chat……. but no one was working ??!!! Strange…. anyway, it was a lovely sunny morning and I was looking forward to my breakfast and coffee.

My travel buddy, Rich Bitch 2, I’m Rich Bitch 1

I called in at the supermarket, I had the whole shop to myself and felt bewildered that I couldn’t pay at the checkout until 10.00 am, 15 minutes to wait. “Is this another freakin’ CV19 regulation?? Would the ‘fake news’ of a petrol shortage really cause everyone to panic and stay at home to this extent?” I had noticed in my neighbourhood, that many cars were still parked in their driveways.

I overheard a checkout operator say, the petrol station was closed as they had run out of petrol and diesel. (I’ve been stocked up on food and kept my tank full for over a year now, waiting for this to come about)!

It was 11.00am before I realised it was not Monday but Sunday, damn, I never go to the gym on a Sunday!!

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