Do You Need A Fine Tuning? The Healing Power of Sound

Tuning Fork

528Hz repairs DNA and brings about positive transformation

Working beautifully with Reiki and other forms of energy healing and can also be used remotely for distant healing.

I use this myself every night before going to sleep, to clear any negativity taken on board throughout the day and promote self healing whilst I sleep. Oxidative stress, radiation , EMFs and other environmental pollution can contribute to DNA damage.

When you activate the tuning fork, you can direct the forked end to a specific area of the body, or hold the stem on that area. I usually start with scanning/clearing the aura/energy field then intuitively use the fork on certain areas.

There are a range of forks holding different Hertz which can be used for many different ailments relating to the emotional vibrational frequency.

Vibrational Frequency of Emotions

The sound and vibrational frequency can help relieve stress, depression, anxiety and improve our mental clarity, recalibrating our mind, body and soul.

Stimulate blood and lymph flow, accelerating the healing process and eliminate toxins, relaxing the muscles and joints. Restoring flexibility and easy movement.

Unblocking meridians and enhancing physical, mental and emotional imbalances, calming and healing the nervous system.

There are many ways you can help protect yourself, keeping your DNA as healthy as possible. A healthy diet, filtering water, wearing protective EMF jewellery, investing in anti-radiation stickers for your smartphone and healing with sound, energy and intention.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

The body reacts to anything that changes its vibrational balance, whether that reaction is from an inner or outer source.

As soon as an imbalance is realized the body emits a new vibrational frequency.

When the root cause of that imbalance is removed, the body can return to its natural state of harmonious balance. In these instances we do not necessarily need to know what the root cause is. It could originate from trauma of this life and/or past lives.

This return may occur naturally. In other instances, this elevated or decreased vibrational field needs some assistance to return to its harmonic self.

Within minutes, once a Tibetan singing bowl is sounded its vibrational resonance flows energetically through all areas of the body.

This field of energy locates discordant energies in cellular imbalance and within seconds restores this to its natural ‘wellness’ frequency.

Steel Tongue Drum

12″ Steel Tongue Drum

This is my 12″ steel tongue drum. Similar benefits as above, again, very relaxing. You can play using the sticks or the rubber finger pads. I don’t follow any instruction, I just play intuitively, there are some great tutors on YouTube.

Hang Drum music is another sound I love to listen to especially whilst working. I also leave it playing to calm my dog when I need to go out.

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