Pendulum Healing – A Great First Aid Healing Tool

In the past, I have played with pendulums for Yes and No answers to questions. I never found it accurate except for using the pendulum over the chakras to confirm if blockages had been released, during Reiki healing sessions.

During lockdown, I put some of my time to use in studying and invested in a pendulum healing course. The course was provided online by Erich Hunter, he makes stunning pendulums.

The results I’m achieving are almost instant and the process taking only a few minutes. This is distant healing, you don’t have to physically be with me!

A very special and long time friend of mine, called me to say she was struggling with severe migraines. I suffered for years with them, so I totally understand how debilitating they are. Looking after her 2 year old granddaughter on a regular basis, was a concern to her, causing more stress, worrying if she would be well enough to cope. She had tried so many alternative remedies as well as pharmaceutical drugs over the last few years. Eliminating certain foods from her diet and nothing was shifting for her. I told her she could be my first case study with the pendulum healing.

I’ve had this pendulum for many years. It has circular discs of semi precious stones representing the chakras.

For about 10 minutes I sat spinning the pendulum, opening up the vortex and demanding any past trauma and emotions from this life and past lives which no longer serve her highest good to be removed. The results were incredible, she went weeks without a migraine, then one day felt one coming on so called me again and we nipped it in the bud. She has been amazed at the results and so relieved.

Her granddaughter was having the ‘terrible two’ tantrums so I worked on this with the pendulum, the tantrums stopped.

She also mentioned that her daughter was concerned that there was some malevolent energy/spirit in her home, which was an old converted pub, out in the sticks. She had horses and was catching a glimpse of something dark when visiting the stables. The pendulum healing shifted this too. No more disturbing experiences.

I have since done many healings on my children, and my grandson, who is 5, who went through a phase where he was being very awkward for no apparent reason. As soon as my daughter told me, I performed a healing session and overnight, he became the sweetest little boy again.

If you are in need of a quick fix, contact me, don’t suffer, it’s worth a try. I believe we are all clearing dark negative energy right now, lifetimes of fear, poverty and persecution. The pendulum healing helps to stir up and spin it out of existence, freeing you to be the best version of yourself.

This is a very powerful guided meditation by Steve Noble, ideal for clearing negative influences/entities/energy, assisting you on your ascension journey. Enjoy!!

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