80 Years Young and Aware of the Grand Awakening

My 80 years young Mum has been coping very well through the lockdown. Many elderly people have suffered, frightened, lonely, and unable to see their family members. This could have been my Mum.

Last November something nudged me to return to the UK from living in France, where my brother and children still reside. Thank goodness I did. I feel so blessed that I have been able to keep an eye on her, have our ‘bubble’, and do her shopping.

Here is a little interview with my Mum

I had done lots of homework about what was going on. Common sense told me, things weren’t adding up. Everyday I was researching and listening to those in the know! It was scary at first, wondering how far the real agenda was going to go, but we soon learned to switch off the news and carry on as normal as possible.

Walks and cycling in the park, playing table tennis at a friend’s house and sleepovers. So much laughter and she has been so open to learning what was really going on behind the fear-mongering of the mainstream ‘noose’.

She has been privy to the most incredible event to ever take place on earth; The Grand Awakening!

When you come from a place of love rather than fear, you are always safe and protected. TRUST THE PLAN, GOD’s PLAN!

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