Are You Struggling Emotionally? Reach Out!

I am offering distant healing, support and chats by zoom or skype, (donation basis), for anyone who is struggling with anxiety, fear, anger, due to present life conditions which have been imposed upon us. Understand, we do have a choice and nothing is law or mandatory! Please do your research! Click on the Book Your Free Consultation Tab.

Here are a few tips to help you, help yourself:

Turn off the TV!! Tell Lie Vision is a mind-controlling propaganda machine created from day 1 to keep you submissive and in fear!

Tell Lie Vision
  • Get out into nature, without a mask, breathe! It’s your God-given right.
  • Exercise, walking, jogging, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, lots of free videos on YouTube. Invest in a mini rebounder, great for the lymphatic system and easy on the joints and spine. Get the music on, dance!
  • Meditate, calm the mind and gain clarity. Again YT provides some fantastic guided meditations and meditative music. Empower yourself during this precious time you have been gifted with. Yes gifted! We are in a spiritual war and we are winning! Shake and wake yourself up as a beautiful future is ahead of us, but first we have to re-learn to think for ourselves. Steve Nobel has some wonderful powerful healing meditations.
  • Study! Learn something new. A site called Udemy offers great educational online courses on many different subjects with fantastic discounts, especially during these testing times. Eg. Common-Law, know your human rights as a living soul, currently discounted from £49.99 to £12.99. I will do a blog on this soon, as you have more rights than you believed.
  • Join an online support group, Meetup.com provides many different agendas and interests.

Contact me!!!! 1-1 sessions, group sessions by Skype or Zoom or request to be in my daily healing hour. Click on the Book A Free Consultation tab.

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